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I find it hard to trust

not only me but everyone around me

Riley Anne McGranahan
1 April 1988
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The Basics
• Riley
• Born April 1st
• Scot-Irish
• Pureblood
• Slytherin
• Aries

Aries, the Sign of the Ram, is the first in the Western Zodiac cycle, running from March 21 to April 19. It is the cardinal Fire Sign, making those born under its influence especially energetic. Typical aspects of the Aries person include an eagerness to forge ahead and take risks, perseverance in the face of adversity, the belief that others are innocent until proven guilty, and an overall quality of leadership.

These are counterbalanced by a tendency towards intolerance, jealousy, selfishness and stubbornness as well. The Aries individual can also be an extremely poor judge of character, concerned as they are with the surface appearance of things and people. Winning for an Aries isn't everything -- it's the only thing.

A Slytherin Aries is a bundle of contradictions. In some ways, they have the potential to be the strongest of their House - the intensity, drive, and brilliant visionary dreams of the Aries combined with the innate leadership skills, the charisma, and the profound sense of self (including the eccentric lack of interest in conforming to what other people think) is stuff of which great magical legends are made. However, a Slytherin Aries has much to learn about politics, knowing who is an appropriate object of trust and who is not trustworthy, knowing when to keep one's mouth shut, and knowing when to avoid acting on impulse in order to use a situation to its best advantage. Although they hate to admit it, these Slytherins are easily manipulated by more cynical, shrewd peers in the Serpent's Den. If they can learn to manage their blind spots, they will go far. Slytherin Aries types can be quite cruel, especially if they have enough physical prowess to bully smaller students; those that are not cruel can still be thoughtless and brutally tactless without actually meaning to cause damage.
Riley isn’t exactly what one would call stable. She distrusts almost everyone she meets on principle. She was raised to believe that no one was worthy of her, especially not Muggles or Mudbloods, although she won’t always let that show. She’s not the type to hold a poll, figuring out if you’re pure before she talks to you. If you are worthy of respect she will respect you, and sod on the damned pureblood principle. She thinks it’s silly that people would deny themselves a friend over differences. And is also, therefore, easily angered when people push her away simply for being a Slytherin. She's of the mindset that, if she's willing to give you a chance, she's not quite the stereotype.

She has a tendency to lose all self-control about the same time she loses her temper, and this has resulted in her doing a lot of rather stupid things. Like fight people who are bigger than her. She’s been in the hospital wing more times than she can remember.
On top of all these flaws, her major one is her fear of commitment. Her mother died and her father’s heart broke to the point he couldn’t love anymore, not even her, so he more or less abandoned her. Ever since, she’s been absolutely terrified that the same thing will happen to her and she’ll get hurt. Therefore she pushes everyone away and refuses to get close to a soul. She’s had a large amount of flings, but never anything important.

However, each of these strengths are also her weakness. She keeps people away so she doesn’t get hurt, but she’s also never truly happy. She’s very blunt, and almost always tells people the truth about themselves, but in general people don’t like the truth. They’d much rather have everything sugar coated for them. Her biggest weakness, again, is her fear of commitment. This fear causes her to push the guys that would be good for her away, and she’s missing out on a lot of the good things in life, such as love.

Though to most people she remains cold and distant, there are three people who can break through Riley's shell and make her speak her mind, showing a completely different side of her: Samantha Pascal, James Aldo and Darin DeLouise. The latter of the three is really only because he absolutely infuriates her to the point that she simply cannot keep her mouth shut. The other two, however, have her complete trust and respect and she would give her life for either. Sam is her cousin, yes, but more like a sister. She would have no qualms about sharing anything with her. Well, anything she can without getting murdered for saying it.

James, on the other hand, is the person who takes her shell, breaks it and makes her go along with some ridiculous stunt he has planned. Or instead, they sit and snark sexual innuendo at each other just for kicks. They do fight often enough since they're both bull headed, but Riley trusts him just as much as Sam and absolutely adores that she can unwind and be herself with him instead of that standoffish pureblood that she's supposed to be.

She loves kids and, although she doesn't want to get married, wants to have a large amount of them. Though, even if she doesn't get married, she knows she can spoil Sam's kids. It will work out for her. At any rate, though she can't necessarily trust children the way she does Sam and James, she does know that they're more accepting than her peers are. She'd give no second thoughts to going outside and playing with a first year or just sitting and listening to their stories or anything like that.

Overall, Riley's just a girl who does everything she can to please everyone around her and survive being an atypical Slytherin in a very typical Slytherin world.
Important People
bewitchingsam, cousin and best friend. Riley puts Sam above anyone else in her life and always will. While she disapproves of Sam's horrible taste in men, Riley loves her cousin more than anything and is happy that she's happy.
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